One last thing I forgot to mention: Modcloth is an excellent place to look Snow White/Mary Margaret fashion inspiration!

annamiaw asked: hey there! recently started watching OUAT and Im obssesed with snow white/mary margaret. i literally love her sense of style! and i recently purchased a white flower crown and was wondering what I could wear it with to make it more OUAT inspired :) thx anyways!

Hi there, desperateploy (now frereyancy) here! Mary Margaret tends to dress with a very soft, feminine style, and wears a lot of pastels with maybe one bright pop of color to liven things up. She’s fond of cute hats and scarves, as well as colored skinny jeans and nice, knee length skirts. She wears a lot of Peter Pan collars. As for any jewelry, you could add a necklace with a bird, or an arrow, or perhaps a ring with a green stone, like the ring Charming gave her. Of course anything with an apple on it would also work. :) And don’t forget to rock your flower crown! We’d love to see what outfits you come up with, so don’t be afraid to submit a picture!

What Would Snow White Wear?

Sweet Little Love Song Flats from Modcloth. Submitted by pinkdreamsandotherthings.

What Would Snow White Wear?

Margeaux Collared Lace Blouse from Ruche!

What Would Snow White Wear?

Roxanne Butterfly Dress from Ruche!

Hello! I’m Carleigh! I’m the new admin to this page! Let me introduce myself.

I’m seventeen, I’m American, and my personal blog is ameliapondelia. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, but I also blog Sherlock and Harry Potter. I’m big into theatre and Disney, too. I do an AMAZING Snow White impression, like, the Disney Snow White.

This is me!

It’s nice to meet all of you and I look forward to the blogging!


What Would Snow White Wear?

Giddy City Top from Modcloth.

What Would Snow White Wear?

Peplum Shift Dress from Delpozo.

What Would Snow White Wear?

Pink Wool Coat from Miss Selfridge

What Would Snow White Ariel Wear?

Shell I Compare Thee? Shoes from Modcloth.